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COVID - 19


Scientists and health experts have confirmed that newspapers are not transmitters of COVID-19 because of the ink and the printing process they go through.
Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary Jones, said: "For public health information right now it's important people have access to information through newspapers. It's possible to deliver newspapers safely. If someone physically picks them up and delivers them to a doorstep or letterbox it's safe."
John Innes Centre virologist George Lomonossoff said: “Newspapers are pretty sterile because of the way they are printed and the process they’ve been through. Traditionally, people have eaten fish and chips out of them for that very reason. So all of the ink and the print makes them actually quite sterile. The chances of that are infinitesimal.


Swindon Papers are the leading distributor of newspapers and 

magazines in the Swindon area. We deliver national & local

newspapers seven days a week direct to your home or business.

We offer a convenient, affordable way to get your newspaper

delivered right to your home, office or wherever you want to get the news and information you need.

Now you can enjoy your favourite newspapers and magazines

in the comfort of your own home - without needing to move a



Our Service Guarantee

We have set some of the

highest standards in the

industry for service to

our customers.

If you live in the Swindon

area, we guarantee delivery

of your morning newspaper

by 6.00am weekdays and    

                                                           7.00am weekends. (Excluding                                                                circumstances beyond our                                                                      control)


In short a newspaper delivery service you can rely on.


We are dedicated to making sure you get your newspaper

where you want it, when you want it.

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