About us

Swindon Papers have over 40 years experience in the newspaper industry, including several successful retail newsagents in Ilford, Essex and East London.

Since inception, the company has experienced rapid growth building an enviable reputation for dependable delivery. We are the leading distributor of newspapers and magazines in Swindon and have built an ongoing client base of over 2000 satisfied customers.

Swindon Papers know how much people love to read newspapers and if you're looking for in-depth coverage of world events, business and finance, or items of interest to the local Swindon community, the daily newspaper is unparalleled.

We guarantee morning delivery and offer a personal service to hundreds of households, businesses, schools and libraries in the Swindon area.

Choose Swindon Papers and we will give you an affordable way to get your morning newspaper delivered direct to your door, office or wherever you want to get the news and information you need.

Our staff are here to give you a friendly welcome and all the help you need.  

Thanks to our years of experience and close customer contact, we at Swindon Papers know what you want, make time for you and have made it our goal to fulfil all our customers' needs.


Kelly Sutton

Office Manager

e-mail: kelly@swindon-papers.co.uk

Nicola Cain

Credit Control Manager

email:  accounts@swindon-papers.co.uk


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Swindon Papers

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Office Manager:
Kelly Sutton