Todays Update


allySATURDAY a big SAayou to everyone who has sent us Seasons GreetinTTTddddd





All of todays newspapers and magazines arrived  and have gone out on time 


However new steps have been introduced along the supply line - by the printers - by the transport companies and by the local warehouse from where we collect our newspapers. All of these new steps take extra time so we please ask for your understanding in these difficult times as you may receive your newspaper later than you have become used to. This is one of those matters which is completely out of our control.




See information below concerning shortages or errors.






Telephone 07958 371410 before 11.00am today to advise of any shortages or errors. (see opening hours page for more information)


NOTE: No credit will be given if you fail to report the information either to the office or the mobile phone by 11am on the day the mistake occurred. However you do NOT need to report any shortages that we have already advised you of ABOVE.


The 07958 371410 telephone number is only available until 11am each morning and should not be used for  any other purpose as messages not concerning delivery problems will be deleted without being actioned. Please use this site or our office telephone number (0845 370 6088) for any other business.


Thank you.


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Office Manager:
Kelly Sutton