Just compare what the UK's largest delivery company (The Royal Mail) offers and then see what SWINDON PAPERS give you.






Type of delivery

 Next day 

(if you are lucky)


Delivery Time from 8am to 4pm


By 6am weekdays

By 7am weekends

Delivery Days 5 or 6 days 7 DAYS
Non delivery days


Sundays & Bank Holidays

(around 60 per annum) 


Christmas Day

(Just ONE day per annum)



from £8 to £12 per week


from ONLY £3.50 per week

 The BEST deal?  NO!  YES!

 Delivery/Admin Charge


This is a charge made to cover the costs in getting your newspapers to you, the vast majority of which goes to pay your driver and cover driver fuel costs.


Our delivery/admin charge is a WEEKLY charge and is calculated on Monday-Saturday deliveries. If you take deliveries Monday to Saturday then no delivery charge is made for Sunday.

Under no circumstances will part of a delivery charge be reimbursed because of non delivery for an odd day or so. This is because our drivers will still expect to be paid in full and rightly so in our opinion.

Our delivery/admin charge for weekend only deliveries is not pro rata to a full week because it creates extra work and therefore costs more per day.


Delivery/Admin charges are normally re-assessed at the beginning of each calendar year. Changes are not advised to customers as the changes will be seen on their next invoice.


In special circumstances (such as a large rise in the cost of fuel) delivery/admin charges may be increased without notice and again can be clearly seen on the next invoice.

Our address:

Swindon Papers

Greyfame House
PO Box 3760



Tel: 0845 370 6088












Office Manager:
Kelly Sutton