Terms & Conditions

Holidays & Cancellations


Ideally 7 days notice should be given for holidays although we will always try to oblige for the odd last minute request but please bear in mind we tend to work in advance for printing of weekend round sheets as our offices are closed Saturday, Sunday & Monday meaning that even Tuesday round sheets have been printed by lunchtime on Friday.


For total cancellation we are very strict (we have to give our supplier notice too!) and a full weeks notice is required and that notice must commence on the next Sunday after we receive your notice (a full week runs from Sunday to Saturday inclusive, our billing period). That means for example if your notice arrives in our office on say Friday the 10th then your notice period commences on Sunday the 12th and your final delivery will be on Saturday the 18th. However if your notice had arrived on Monday 13th, we would not see it until Tuesday the 14th (our office are closed Saturday, Sunday & Monday) meaning your notice period would commence on Sunday the 19th and your final delivery will be on Saturday the 25th.

Payment Terms

Weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly & 3 monthly invoices are due for payment by the Friday of the week following receipt. We ask that you adhere to this timetable for the simple reason that we have to pay our supplier EVERY week for the previous weeks supplies so by the time your invoice arrives we will have paid for your newspapers & magazines. Your prompt payment will keep our cashflow positive which in turn will keep our business viable and able to continue supplying you for many years to come.

As of October 2015 we only offer a choice of 2 methods of payment to all new customers which are:

1) 3 months payment in advance by internet banking

2) payment by Direct Debit

New business customers may pay by bacs.


Late payment


Swindon Papers reserve the right to make charges at their discretion for late payments of invoices. These may be weekly or daily charges until such time as payment is received in full for all invoices. Any such charges will be a minimum of £15 per invoice per period determined at the time.


Christmas & New Year

Every year we reward our hard working office staff with a 2 week Christmas & New Year break. The actual dates the office is closed will be published on the web site nearer the time.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel sure you will not begrudge our girls a bit of "family time" and hope you can plan ahead accordingly if you are intending to be away for any part of the Christmas holiday season. Once the office does close for the Christmas break then you will be unable to change any aspect of your order until the Tuesday following New Years Day so as suggested, get those holiday dates in early, ideally by 17th December at the very latest. Many thanks for your co-operation.


Terms & Conditions  of "3 Free weeks newspapers" offer


In addition to our regular terms and conditions the following shall apply


1. Delivery/Admin charges do not qualify as "free newspapers" and will be charged


2. Cancellation before the end of the 3 month trial will nullify all free newspapers and  these will become due for payment in full regardless of whether a previous bill has been paid.


3. Deliveries will continue at the end of the 3 month trial - it is the customers responsibility to give  the correct notice as per our regular terms and conditions above. To end the trial on the last day of the  trial means giving notice as per the regular terms and conditions.


4. For the purpose of the offer 3 months will constitute 13 weeks.


5. Bills will be submitted every 4 weeks and one weeks papers will be discounted from the first full  4  week bill and then again for each of  the following 2 bills.



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