Delivery Problems?

Received the wrong paper?


Received no delivery at all?


My magazine failed to arrive!!


What to do next


Go back to the Main Menu and click on ***LATEST NEWS UPDATE***


Here you will find the latest daily update with information concerning

exactly what deliveries we received and were able to deliver today.

If your newspaper arrived too late (we cannot hold up our deliveries to

all our other customers just because one title failed to arrive on time)

then this will be stated on the update page. Please rest assured that

we only charge your account retrospectively and so if a title fails to be

delivered you will not be charged for it. Because of the nature of our

suppliers' operation, the late newspapers will go on a "re-run" and will

eventually be delivered to shops, garages and supermarkets later in

the morning so you may well find that you can still get your favourite

newspaper by popping along to your nearest shop.


If there is no information other than everything went out as normal

then please call the mobile number displayed on that page.


NOTE: Our delivery/admin. charge is a WEEKLY charge, NOT a daily

charge so we offer no reduction should we be unable to deliver your

newspaper on the odd day through no fault of our own. The reason

for this is that your driver (who comes to you regardless in all weathers)

will still be out working and expecting to be paid (and rightly so) and

we will always pay the driver in full and of course it is your delivery/admin.

charge which funds this.


If your magazine is listed as "late" then we will carry this forward and

deliver it the following morning or the next morning we receive it.

Please do not expect to find your magazine in the local shop as 95% of

the time it will be a delay to our supplier that is the cause and that

means that ALL the local shops will have been affected in a similar

way to us. On the odd occassion when there has just been a supply

shortage and we have been the unlucky account, again please do NOT

buy one in the local shop as if we then return your "unsold" copy when

it does come in then our supplier may "cut" our supply the following

week causing us and quite likely you even more frustration. Thank

you for your co-operation in this matter.

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